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Increase Happiness and Decrease Emotional Eating

 Increase Happiness with Guided NutritionThere is a psychologist next door to one of my offices.  I assume that many of the folks going to this prominent doctor are looking for ways to happiness.  It strikes me when the minivan pulls up.  Mom is sipping an obese sized diet coke  while talking on the phone, the young boy is busy on the video game while eating a Lolipop and the daughter is munching on some refined carbohydrates while working on a sippy cup full of sugar laden “just for kids” juice. I just wonder.  Would the psyhologist have more of a chance to increase happiness for this family if they got off the sugar and mobile devices before seeking care in her office?

Are some of our mood swings the sugar, hormones, preservatives, colorings or other 5 syllable word ingredients in our food?  Could we increase happiness by increasing more nutritious foods and decreasing the junk? 

On another note, emotions are a part of life.  We all have different vents for emotions.  When young we may suck our thumbs or bite our nails.  A little older and we turn to alcohol, rich food or other vices to manage emotions.  Can we funnel our stressful emotions into constructive rather than destructive behavioral patterns?

Yes we can and this is the art of stress management.

With Ruthie, you will learn how to feel your emotions without having them leading you to the buffet line.

Ruthie’s clients get happy fast!