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Renew Your Health

Renew Health through guided nutrition

It is widely agreed that less than 5 percent of disease is genetic in origin.  Of the 95 percent left, most is lifestyle or environmental.  This means that what goes in and on your body can cause, cure and even prevent disease.  This means that you can take up your power and renew health!

Just think.  Each second of your life approximately 1 million cells die and another million come to take their place.  Imagine these new cells birthing in a medium of superb nutrition.  This creates and environment where building blocks are in you body to renew health.

You were not designed to be sick.  In fact, your body is a self healing self regulating organism that given the right nutrition, enough rest, a level of fitness, a positive mental attitude and a sound nervous system and you can revitalize your health.  Let’s get your 70 trillion cells nourished in such a way that the only major side effect is glowing health.



I no longer have diabetes or high blood pressure thanks to Ruthie.  She has given me a new life filled with “vim, vigor and vitality”. 

 I have a slimmer silhouette, an easy maintenance plan for my life, a new mindset of control and a diminished desire for all things unhealthy.  Knowledge truly gives birth to dietary power.

I wish I had accomplished this before the 5-way heart bypass surgery.  But, praise God, it’s never too late!  I feel better AND I look better…How good is that? 

 Ruthie has incredible knowledge of health facts and knows how to instill them in you.   And it’s painless!

My sister saw the change in me and started going to Ruthie herself.  She’s gone from 128 to 105 pounds in less than 5 months and is a size 2.  I went from 212 lbs to 125 in one year and have kept it off for three years. Now that my sister is so thin I plan to lose another 15 reaching a 110 pound goal.  A 102 lb loss!  I make better choices for myself and the weight keeps dropping.

 Good luck to you in your quest for good health and great nutrition.  You’ll be on your way with Ruthie Fields!