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When the skull bones, or cranial plates, lose that “perfect fit” the architecture of the face can visibly change and facial symmetry is lost.  This can happen from a rough birth process, a hit on your head, whiplash injury, extreme dental or orthodontic work and the aging process can work against the fluidity of skull bone movement.  Even chronic dehydration can cause the sutures or joints of the skull bones to lose their ability to move properly.  

A thorough history will be taken of any incidence that you may have obtained your misaligned skull.  Careful attention will be given to your facial symmetry or asymmetry as it relates to your history.  You will be evaluated via neurological, postural and palpatory modes to obtain your misalignment pattern.  The adjustments are not as simple as just putting an endonasal balloon in your nose and inflating.  Muscle work will be done to prep for the treatment.  In each nostril there are three different channels separated by out pouchings or concha.  The balloons are put into a combination of one to all six of the channels and inflated to varying depths depending on your cranial misalignment patterns.

Facial Symmetry and Wrinkles

In the video on our website you will see a woman whose  eyes were uneven for 25 years following a motorcycle accident.  After her 8th cranial adjustment I saw an immediate change and asked her to look in the mirror.  She confirmed that her eyes were now “balanced”. 

Facial symmetry is not always that obvious to the patient.  Sometimes it is a low brow that comes up to meet the other or cheek bones that become more prominent. People also note wrinkles which flatten out.  With endonasal cranial adjusting your skull bones are being pushed out from the inside out and thus the skin can appear tighter around the face.  The skin can now fit properly, with facial lines and wrinkles decreasing.  The nose can become straighter, eyes that appear to be different shapes can even out and a crooked mouth or cheekbone can also improve.

Shape of Head

When someone comes in my office with a head that is disproportionately long and narrow (Scaphocephaly) I can give them hope.  It may take a number of series of Endonasal Cranial Adjustments but as long as there was not a premature fusion of the sagittal suture at a very young age, we can create change.  When there is a flat spot on the back or side of the head (Plagiocephaly) there is hope.

Another way of helping the skin in our office is with Whole Body Vibration.  Studies show and increase in collagen production with proper use.  Please see section on this profound therapy.