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ADD and ADHD Learning Disabilities

ADHD and ADD helped with endonasal cranial adjusting and Dr Adam Fields

Learning disabilities (which are often diagnosed as ADD and ADHD) are frequently treated with prescriptions of theADD and ADHD helped - Endonasal Cranial Adjusting with balloon - Dr Fields highly addictive drug Ritalin, a nervous system stimulant.  The upside is the child’s ability to focus increases.  However, one of the many side effects is a major personality change.  Upon treatment in our office, a lot of parents are eager to take their children with ADD and ADHD off of Ritalin immediately.  We do not advise this.  This should be done gradually and under the direction of your medical doctor.

The prevailing theory with the drugs is that neurotransmitter deficiency in the brain leads to malfunctioning of the brain. The immediate solution is to increase neurotransmitter levels throughout the brain with Ritalin. Studies have shown that learning disabilities are not just psychological but are, instead, conditions created by problems with nervous system function.  This means that inappropriate levels of neurotransmitters in specialized areas of the brain cause learning disabilities.

Then why doesn’t everybody with learning disabilities take Ritalin or some similar medication? The problem with administration of Ritalin is the side effects.  These are generally symptoms associated with other areas of the brain becoming overdosed withADD and ADHD helped with Endonasal Cranial Adjusting with a balloon - Dr Fields neurotransmitters. If some areas of the brain improve function by increasing levels of neurotransmitters, and if other areas of the brain get side effects by increasing the same, there is a problem of distribution, not a deficiency of neurotransmitters. So the symptomatic treatment of learning disabilities with medication that increases the level of neurotransmitters can never cure the problem because it doesn’t address the situation properly.

A cure of learning disabilities must include optimization of fluid flow characteristics in the brain. With optimal flow of blood and cerebrospinal fluid, learning disabilities improve or cease.

The approach of endonasal cranial adjusting is to improve the flow of cerebrospinal fluid (CSF) by giving the brain more room to function. As a result of the care, the flow of CSF becomes more and more uniform, removing the problem of poor distribution of the fluids in the brain.

ADD and ADHD helped - Endonasal Cranial Adjustments with a balloon - Dr FieldsAnother mode of improvement in those with ADD and ADHD is the brain being flooded with movement signals from the upper cervical spine to the cerebellum and the cerebellum to the cerebral cortex.  The cerebellum is well known for coordinating movement.  Signals to and from your cerebellum allow you to ride a bike, know your position in relationship to gravity, aid in balance, etc..  The cerebellum is also known to coordinate thoughts, attention, emotion and even social skills. 

When the cervical spine is not moving properly due to poor posture or unstable due some type of trauma, there is a lack of firing to the cerebellum. When children with ADHD are antsy, nervous and fidgety their body is trying to get what it needs.  There body is starving for movement stimulation.   They are unconsciously trying to stimulate their cerebellum to up-regulate brain function

When the skull bones and the upper cervical vertebrae are moving properly and sending proprioceptive (movement) signals to the brain, it soothes and calms the person down.  An analogy would be rocking a baby when it is crying or swinging back and forth on a hammock.  Movement feels great to the nervous system and that is why so many with ADHD are restless. 

ADD and ADHD helped - Endonasal Cranial Adjusting with balloon - Dr Fields


When we input movement into the nervous system, through the Pettibon System of Chiropractic and open flow patterns in the brain with cranial adjusting, a child with ADD or ADHD has a potential for being calm, poised and ready for life’s challenges.