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Cranial Adjusting

75-Reprogram-NS You will first be interviewed to see if you are a likely candidate. A thorough history of your heath status will be taken. Your exam will consist of a neurological, muscular, adhesion, cranial suture and nasal evaluation to determine your individual misalignment pattern.

Pettibon Chiropractic

72-MRI-Disc-Dehydration With the Pettibon system, we adjust the spine as a whole. If we move individual segments but ignore your poor posture then degeneration and aberrant nerve function continues. Implement the Pettibon System and spinal regeneration and posture correction is possible

About Dr. Fields

Adam_Hands-500x750-300x300 If you have grown up in California, you have heard that chiropractic helps more than just headaches, stiff necks and low back pain. My story is living proof. Learn About Dr. Fields

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