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Dr Adam Fields of Fields Family Chiropractic in Los Gatos & San Jose, CA
Chiropractic and Rehabilitation
Serving Silicon Valley since 1995
YouTube subscribers: 262K

Helping people recover from and avoid surgery and stand strong. Specializing in difficult cranial and spinal cases.


How Can Chiropractor Dr Adam Fields Help You?

With the Pettibon system, we adjust the spine as a whole. If we move individual segments but ignore your poor posture then degeneration and aberrant nerve function continues. Implement the Pettibon System and spinal regeneration and posture correction is possible.

You will first be interviewed to see if you are a likely candidate. A thorough history of your heath status will be taken. Your exam will consist of a neurological, muscular, adhesion, cranial suture and nasal evaluation to determine your individual misalignment pattern.

Get pain relief and improved function with safe, non-invasive, Extracorporeal Shockwave Therapy (ESWT) using acoustic sound waves. Turn back time in your tendons, ligaments and joints. Increase range of motion. Get hope with this treatment of chronic conditions that seem to never go away.

With the most powerful class IV laser available in the US, increase injury recovery and tissue healing. It penetrates through your skin, hair follicles, fat cells to your deeper blood vessels, connective tissue, tendons, muscles and joints.

Dr Adam Fields, chiropractor

If you have grown up in California, you have heard that chiropractic helps more than just headaches, stiff necks and low back pain. My story is living proof.

How We Work


Full Health Review

Start with a deep understanding of your specific concerns and overall health status/condition/quality by taking a thorough verbal history. This includes, but is not limited to, injuries, infections, digestive status, dietary routine, genetics, medicines, etc. This may be done over the phone for distant clients.

Hands-on Examination

Put our hands on your spine, soft tissue, joints, cranial bones, etc. and perform a thorough physical examination. This will include overall mechanics/posture as well as of the areas of concern.

Special Test Analysis

Any x-rays, MRI studies or special tests will be reviewed with you to bring your full understanding of what is going on with your body. If needed, further studies will be ordered but only if the results would change the course of your care in any way. Even if we need further testing, you will be treated on your first visit in some manner.

Plan of Action

Create a plan of action, that includes home as in-office care, will be gone over with approximate time-frames for your success. The frequency varies depending on your individual situation and the ability to come to the office. We have a lot of people who come from out of town/state and are able to adapt to your varying circumstances.


Applying the latest technologies alongside pettibon chiropractic and proven therapies to help you feel better and be better. Measurable objective success is calibrated as we celebrate victories along the way.

What Our Patients Say:

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 “I can breathe!”

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Do you feel as though you have searched high and low for help but find no answers? Have you gone from chiropractor, to MD and to specialists with no results? We specialize in difficult cases and want to meet you. You will understand your roadmap to wellness and be a co-partner in health. Imagine the synergy of caring and intelligent care with your own desire to get well. Results you can feel and measure.

We have been serving San Jose and the Silicon Valley since 1995 and look forward to being a vital part of your life. Here you will find advanced solutions to many of your neurological, spinal, rehabilitation and nutritional needs.

Find out how spinal disc degeneration or herniation don’t necessarily require surgery. With advanced spinal technologies we help you scientifically enhance nervous system function. Including the functioning of your brain! The information age is here and we are keeping current as to help you get well and stay well.

“Loss of the cervical curve stretches the spinal cord 5-7 cm and causes Disease.” – Alf Breig, MD Neurosurgeon and Nobel Prize Recipient

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These are just a few of our Yelp testimonials:

“Dr. Fields and his team are excellent! The practice takes great care to get to know patients well and meet them where they are.”

Dr. Robin B.

“Dr. Fields and the other employees here are always super kind and like to do what's best for their clients. Most of my family go to him.”

Patricia M.

“Dr. Adam Fields is a gifted healer. Eight months ago I came to him in poor health. Now I have gone off of three medications and feel very good. I have more strength, more energy and more endurance.”

Patricia L.

“I recently found Fields Family Chiro and Adam is by far the best chiropractor I've ever seen. This typically isn't an in-and-out place. It's more therapy and long-term wellness than simply back cracking.”

Laura L.

“Thanks Adam you are the best. Smart, skilled and experienced and most of all you care. Thanks again.”

Efat M.

“I would absolutely recommend him to anyone. My only complaint, is that he is not in Southern California for me to see on a regular basis.”

Nick K.

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