Why have the most powerful class IV laser available in America in our San Jose and Los Gatos offices?
More power makes your healing possible.Injury recovery and tissue healing with the Diowave Class IV Therapy Laser
To penetrate through your skin, hair follicles, fat cells to your deeper blood vessels, connective tissue, tendons, muscles and joints we need power to give you a proper dosage. Not all lasers deliver what it takes to reach your injured area but our Diowave 60 watt laser penetrates 10cm deep.

Diowave was the first company to make a Class IV Laser to be okayed by the FDA for therapeutic use.

How Laser Therapy Works
Anti-Inflammatory– Class IV laser therapy causes your blood vessels to dilate (vasodilation) and increases their circulation in the area treated. This, in conjunction with activation of drainage of the lymphatic system, decreases swelling to your injured area. As swelling decreases there is less pressure on pain receptors.

Pain Relief- The Diowave Class IV Laser light facilitates better transmission of nerve impulses. Action potentials of pain receptors are increased making them less sensitive. There is an increase in beta endorphin, acetylcholine and nitric oxide levels in the area which all decrease pain levels.
When the tissue around peripheral nerves has better function there is less need to alarm you with pain messages. In the long term, pain is decreased by structural damage to nerves being healed and cell regeneration taking place.

Blood Flow– Optimized vascular activity with laser light will increase blood flow to an injury help it heal and, if needed, there will be new capillary growth where it has been lacking. More blood flow usually means more healing. We see this first hand when diabetics see wounds heal that have been there for months and even Way beyond cold laser therapy for injury recovery is the Diowave 60 Watt Class IV Laseryears. If you or anyone you know has a diabetes and a wound that won’t heal, have them come in.

Tissue Repair– With the 60W Diowave Class IV laser, photons penetrate as deep as 10cm into tissue, accelerate cellular reproduction, tissue regeneration and growth. Stem cells are also activated in the treatment area. These are cells that are capable of becoming any cell in your body. Thus, they can help tissue repair.

Brain Function– Using Endonasal Cranial Adjusting along with upper cervical chiropractic adjustments and Class IV Laser Therapy we have seen significant results with brain function.  The loss can come from a traumatic brain injury (TBI), stroke, concussion or even dementia.  Many animal studies looking at TBI show positive effects on neurological function, learning, memory, sleep, executive function and reduced inflammation and cell death in the brain. There is real evidence that the Photobiomodulation (PBM) comes from laser therapy that  can help the brain repair itself by stimulating neurogenesis, Increasing brain derived neurotropic growth factor (BDNF) and encouraging synapses to grow. In people PBM has been shown to increase blood flow in the brain, increase oxygenation, improve memory, help mood, and increase memory.