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Do you wake up in the morning like you have been working all night.  Maybe you have been.  Perhaps while taking your average of 5000 breaths per night you are having to work hard to pull the air in through a nose that is not fully open.  Maybe there is some snoring going on.  The result is waking up with fatigue.  Instead of getting out of bed like someone shot you out of a cannon (Afterall, you did just rest for many hours.  Shouldn’t you have energy?) you get up with the energy of a cardboard box.

Good sleep and rebound energy are some of the most common effects of endonasal cranial adjusting.

Along with more air through your nostrils, your brain have more access to it’s supply of cerebrospinal fluid.  This fluid contains your brain’s preferred fuel source, glucose.

“I came to see Dr. Fields looking for more energy.  I would drag More Energy with cranial adjusting in San Jose at Dr Fields chiropractic officemost of the morning and have severe fatigue in the afternoon.  At night my sleep would not refresh but further frustrate me.  Since cranial adjusting, I have an abundance of energy, get way more out of my day and sleep well at night.”  Jon Magnussen – Rejkjavic, Iceland