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Where Science and Miracles Come Together you will find Trigger Point Therapy

Trigger Point Therapy at Fields Family Chiropractic. Office of Dr FieldsAlign    Can help pretreatment with easier chiropractic adjustments.

Mobilize   After Trigger Point Therapy injured joints feel more lubricated and have more range of motion.

Localize     Working on trigger points is associated with a decrease in referred pain, numbness and tingling.  An example would be someone who has pain down the side of their leg (Iliotibial or ITB syndrome) which emanates from their upper outer buttocks (gluteus medius muscle).

Empower   Trigger points can shut down the function of surrounding muscles.  Releasing them can make weak or dormant muscles strong again.

Heal   Conditions which appear to be visceral in nature may be just a trigger point radiation into the area.  Thus, relief of trigger points could lead to improved urination, breathing, swallowing or many other body functions.  Obviously, deeper pathology needs to first be ruled out by Dr Fields or a licensed medical doctor.

Janet Travel first discovered the trigger point in the 1940s.  Today, thanks to a lot of research on trigger point therapy we now have a strong grasp on this effective treatment.  In 2007 a paper was presented even showing images of Trigger Points using MRI.

Trigger Point Therapy for headaches at Fields Family Chiropractic

Here is an example of a few of the trigger point locations for headahes.

Trigger Points have been shown in the laboratory to have a higher electrical charge and be more acidic  than surrounding muscle tissue.  When we are stressed or lack sleep the electrical charge in the trigger point is actually increased.

Your therapist will help alleviate these painful areas which radiate to other parts your body.  One of the common trigger points is in the upper outer hip and radiates down the side of the leg or iliotibial band.

The latest and extremely effective method at helping trigger points is extracorporeal shockwave therapy (ESWT).  We have dedicated a section of this site to discussing how ESWT can help with your myofascial trigger points.

For harder to reach trigger points that cause pelvic pain, urinary dysfunction and other visceral referral patterns, physcical therapist, Tim Sawyer works in our Los Gatos office.  He is world renowned at helping those in need through trigger point therapy on the pelvic floor muscles.  Pelvic pain syndromes treated by Mr. Sawyer include prostatitis, pelvic floor dysfunction, levator ani syndrome, chronic pelvic pain syndrome, interstitial cystitis, urethral syndrome, and pelvic floor myalgia, among other diagnoses. He is best reached by email.  Please let us know if you need to contact him.