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Endonasal Cranial Adjusting

 “Since 7 years old, I was tormented with the agony of regular Help with Migraines Through Endonasal Cranial Adjustingmigraines. They came a minimum of one time per month.  Going to school or work would be impossible when I had my migraines.  Six months ago I went through two series of cranial adjustments with Dr. Fields and haven’t had a migraine since.  What an incredible change in my life!”

Kim Davis – Raleigh, NC
“When I was in 6th grade I cracked my skull open on the side of a Migraines gone with Dr Fields Cranial Adjustments in Los Gatosswimming pool.  This started a lifetime of daily headaches and regular migraines.  When the migraines hit I would lose my vision and be totally incapacitated.  I lived on 8 Advil a day and when the migraines hit I would take whatever the doctors wanted to give me.  The drugs (A full range of migraine medications) just made me sick.  Four years ago, I had a series of cranial adjustments with the balloon from Dr Fields.  37 YEARS OF MIGRAINES AND HEADACHES ARE NOW GONE!  Please go and see Dr. Fields!!!”
Therese Valdez – Santa Cruz, CA

Headaches, pressure headaches and migraines are treated very successfully with Endonasal Cranial Adjusting. These conditions have many causes such as past head trauma, chronic sinus infections, allergic sinusitis, menstrual cycle concomitant, TMJ, stress, eye strain, glaucoma, and chronic misalignment of cervical vertebrae with muscle tension.

The head encases the brain and meninges. The head is held up by the spine, and its first bone (C-1) is known as the atlas, which surrounds the brain stem (the continuation of the brain) and meninges. The stabilization pattern necessary to hold the head steady is created by the positions of the skull bones and the muscle tension patterns, which determine where the atlas is found.  Many people find relief from their headaches through treatments that move the atlas into a central position beneath the skull. These treatments are sometimes temporary because the body may need the atlas not to be centered to uphold the skull in the most stable way. The body will always choose to maintain the most stable structure even if it creates pain in the head. The priority is not to be pain-free but to be stable. So the painful position of the atlas may be the best position for the atlas, in terms of overall bodily function.

Endonasal Cranial Adjusting helps the body position the head on top of the atlas as position sense is optimized. When your head is it’s proper shape, your atlas can be aligned in a way that your pressure headaches and migraines are gone.

Pressure headaches are a common type of headache.  The pain in a pressure headache can often radiates from your neck, upper back, eyes, or various other muscle groups in the body. A pressure headache can be either episodic or chronic.  Your treatment will include addressing the muscular component of your pressure headache through possible trigger point therapy and posture correction.  Generally, all forms of headaches are, at least somewhat,  connected to your posture 

Another theory of the cause of migraines is a lack of oxygen to the brain.  Endonasal cranial adjusting aids in cerebral oxygen transport and opens your nasal passages so you can get more air.

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