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Knowledge to Make Life Saving Decisions

It has been said that people perish for lack of knowledge.

We base our decisions on knowledge and feelings.  Can enough knowledge start guiding our feelings and affections?  Can these affections help our food choices?  Absolutely!  

Let Ruthie give you the nutritional knowledge you need to break out of your dieting prison into permanent weight loss and vibrant, healthy living for the rest of your life.



Dear Ruthie

 My health is so much better thanks to meeting you. 

 I was very concerned about losing my leg due to infection.  You guided me away from sugar.  Explaining, in detail, why sugar was not only bad for my health but how sugar affected the bacteria that caused this infection.  You showed me how my addiction to sugar was working against what the doctors who were working to save my leg.

Thanks for turning me around with love and care.  Thank you for sharing your love of the Lord with me.  The weekly Bible verses that you gave me kept my head up.  Most of all, thanks for praying with me.  I am so sure that without my faith in Him that theres would have been a different outcome.


 Michael Daley