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Endonasal Cranial Adjusting


There are many variations of Endonasal Cranial Adjusting.  Some perform “Binasal Specific”, Dean Howell is a leader in “Neurocranial Restructuring” or NCR, “Nasal Cranial Release Technique”, “Nasal Specific” and “Functional Cranial Release” are yet two more.  All are done with an endonasal balloon connected to an inflation device yet all are slightly different.  Dr Fields has studied under more than one of the current techniques and, thus, uses the generic “Endonasal Cranial Adjusting”.  Regardless, here are some pointers to keep in mind before your first treatment series.

Drink Plenty of Water

Perform Self Massage

Read Possible Effects and Get off of any Drugs on List Below


Drink Plenty of Water

During this treatment you will have an endonasal balloon inside your nasal cavity.  The amount of water in your system will affect the hydration of your mucosal lining.  This and the rest of your body need to be well lubricated for maximum results.  It should follow that coffee, tea, alcohol should be avoided as much as possible as they are diuretics and will take water out of your body leaving your linings, joints, muscles, etc. dehydrated.  A good formula for proper water consumption is as follows:

Take your body weight in pounds and divide that number by 2.  That number in ounces is good for a daily intake of water.  So, if you weigh 100 pounds you should shoot for  an average of 50 ounces of water per day.


Perform Self Massage   

Facial massage can be a great adjunct to endonasal cranial adjusting and you will receive specific soft tissue work on the days of your treatment.  Pre Cranial Adjustment Facial massageGetting a head start on this can include massaging your temples, above your eyebrows and on either side of your nose.  Special attention should be given to the suboccipital area (where the back of your head meets your neck).  It must be noted that when you receive deep tissue muscle work in our office some discomfort and sore muscles may arise.                           



Possible Unwanted, but not Necessarily Unhealthy, Effects

You may have effects that are not what you expect but this treatment is by in large very safe.

– Many people will have discharge from their sinuses immediately following the treatment, which  may cause temporary throat irritation.

-On rare occasions, nose bleeds occur.  A list of your over the counter and prescription medications must be shown to Dr. Fields to see that they do not contain aspirin or other anti-platelet/ blood thinning drugs.  If it is determined that you are on such a drug, you must consult your MD to get off of these drugs for at least 5 days prior to receiving a cranial adjustment.  Please scan our list of medications containing Aspirin and other anti-platelet drugs.

–  Shifting in the cranial bones can result in temporary head, facial or teeth pain. This generally subsides in minutes to a few hours.

– Patients may experience a temporary worsening in their symptoms.

– Emotional releases are possible during treatment and are nothing to be ashamed of.

– After treatment the fit of glasses may need to be altered. Ear pieces may no longer fit as they did before when the facial bones are put back into alignment.

– In rare instances the nasal balloon may become twisted and will need to be ruptured before removal or self-rupture may occur.


Bleeding/clotting disorders, prior nasal or facial bone surgery where the bone has been thinned, severe osteoporosis, recent fracture (nose, face, neck), current brain tumor and brain aneurysm


A to Z List of Medications Containing Aspirin and Other Anti-Platelet Drugs

A.P.C., ACA CAPs & No. 2, ACD, Acetabar, Acetasam, Acetidine, Acetonyl, Acetycol, Acuprin, *Aggrenox, Aidant, Alka Seltzer, Allylgesic, Allylgesic w/ergotamine, Alprine BiTabs, Aluprin, Amsodyne,  Amytal w/ASA, Anacin, Anahist, Analval, Anexais w/codeine, Anexsis-D, Anodynos, Ansmco No. 1&2, APAC, Apancad, APC, Aphodyne, Aphophen, Arthra-Zepe, Arthropan liquid, ASA Enseals, ASA Suppositories , As-ca-phen, Asalco No. 1&2, Ascaphen, Ascaphen, Ascodeen-30, Ascriptin, Aspadine, Aspergum, Aspermin, Asphac-G, Asphencaf, Asphyte, Aspir-C, Aspir- Lox AD, Aspir- Max IB, Aspir-phen, 4-Way Cold Tablets, A.P.C., ACA CAPs & No. 2, Aspirbar, Aspireze, Aspirin, Aspirocal, Aspirtab, Aspivite, Aspodyne, Aspridrox, Axotal, Azdone, B-C Powder, BA-C Tablets, Baby Love, Back-Quell, Ban-O-Pain, Bayer, BC Cold, BiAct cold, Pepto Bismol, Bristamin APC, Brogesic, Bufabar, Buff-A, Buff-a-Comp, Buffacetin, Buffadyne, Buffaprin, Buffasal, Bufferin,Buffets II, Buffex/Buffinol, Butal, Butalbital, Butinal, Calurin, Cama, Cama Inlay, Capathyn, Captron, Cardioprin, Cartia, Causalin, Cephalgesic, Characol, Cirin, Clistanal, Co-ryd, Codasa, Codempiral 2&3, Codesal  1&2, Coldate, Colrex, Congesprin, Cope, Coralsone, Cordex, Coricidin, Covangesic, Cyclopal, Damason-P, Daprisal, Darvo-Tran, Darvon 32&65, Darvon ASA, Darvon-N ASA,Dasikon, Dasin, Dasprin, Decagesic, Decolyn, Decotussin, Defencin, Delenar, Demerol APC, Derfort, Derfuln, Dilotab, Dolcin, Dolene 65, Dolor, Doloral, Dorodol, Drinscet, Dristan, Drocogesic #3, Duopac, Duradyne, Durageuic, Easprin, Ecotrin, Emagrin, Empiral, Empirin, Emprazil, Endolin, Enterfilm, Epragen, Epromate, Equagesic, Equazine, Excedrin, *Feldene, Fiorgen, Fiorinal, Fizrin, Fornasal, Galsodyne, Gelprin, Gemnisyn, Genaced, Genacote, Gennin, Genprin, Gensan, Gillodyne, Goody’s, Halfprin, Halprin, Hasacode, Hasamal CT, Henasphen, Hepto-M, Histadyl & ASA, Hydrodyne, Hypan, I-PAC, Isollyl, Kryl, Liquiprin, Lumasprin, w/Hyoscyamus, Magnaprin, Magnesium Salicylate, Marnal, Margesic, Massurin, Medadent, Medaprin, Mepro Aspirin, Mepro Compound, Meprogesic, Micranin, Midrin, Momentum, Monacet compound, Methocarbamol ASA, Multihist & APC, My Luck Effervescent, Nembu-Gesic, Nembudeine, Neogesic, Nipirin,Norgesic, Novahistine w/APC. Novrad w/ASA, Norwich,Nuhist w/APC, Opacedrin, Opasal, Paadon,Pabirin, PAC,Pain-Aid,Palgesic, Panodynes Analgesic PC-65, Pc-Cap, Pedidyna, Pentagesic, Pepidynel, Pepto Bismol, Percobarb, Percobarb-Demi, Percodan , Persistin, Phac, Phenaphen, Phenaphen w/codeine, Pheneasal, Pheneaset Improved, Phenergan compound, Pheno-Formasal, Phenodyne, Phensal, Pirseal, Plavix, Precomp, Prediasl, Presalin, Prolaire-B, Propox 65, Propoxyphene, Propoxyphene Compound, Pyhist Cold, Pyrasal, Pyrroxate, Quiet World, Rhinex, Rhinocaps, Riona, Robaxisal, Roxiprin, Rumacol, Ryd, Sal-Aceto, Salabuff, SalatinSaleto, Salibar Jr., Salipral, Salocol, Sarogesic, Sedagesic, Sedalgesic, Senaldyne, Sigmagen, Sine-Aid, Sine-Off, SK-65, Sloprin, SodolSoma Compound, Spirin Buffered, St. Joseph ASA, Stanback, Stero-Darvon w/ASA, Supac, Suprin, Synalgos, Synirin, Talwin Compound, Tampogen, Tenol Plus, Tetrex-APC w/Bristamin, Thenylene APC, Ticlid, Toloxidyne, Trancogesic, Tri-Pain Caplets, Triaminicin, Trigesic, Trinprin, Uni – AS Plus, Uni – Buff, Uni – Tren, Ursinus Inlay-Tabs, Valesin, Vanquish, Verin, Wesprin Buffered, Zactirin