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Having recently completed two sets of cranial adjustments, it seems a little reflection is in order. One of the biggest things I’ve realized is, you don’t know how bad you’ve been feeling till you start feeling better.

Dr. Fields started with the knees as I had torn my meniscus a year ago and subsequently discovered I have severe arthritis in both knees. I had been in near constant pain and was extremely frustrated with limited options of surgery and drugs according to my orthopedist. His advice was to put off knee replacements as long as possible. profile pic
I was pressing for more physical therapy, doing acupuncture and trying to shed some weight, but it seemed a slow process. Because of Dr. Fields’ combination of chiropractic adjustments, Pettibon Technique, laser therapy, h-wave and the right exercises, I’m walking without a cane or pain after less than two months while building strength and stamina. I’ve also been able to return to a favorite hobby – belly dancing.
In the course of conversations with Dr. Fields, I realized I’ve had sleep apnea for over 20 years. Part of the problem was complete denial. My apnea kept my husband awake and scared our daughter. Concentrating took effort. I struggled with depression, lack of energy and occasional insomnia. Depression would descend from nowhere with seemingly no pattern of triggers and was very challenging to deal with. Of course, there have been circumstances magnifying my depression: catastrophic illness, death, job changes, loss in community relationships and other external stressors. It’s almost impossible to make any significant progress when every day is a struggle to focus just to get done the things you have to do.
By the second day of my first series of cranial adjustments, I felt….better. By the third day, my apnea was gone. I actually caught myself thinking, “Hey, I feel good – what’s wrong with me?” I found myself waking up, for the first time ever, at 5:30 to 6 am without an alarm, feeling rested and refreshed. Everything seemed more focused. After the first series, I performed (I’m a professional musician) having only one rehearsal with the soloists. My energy stayed high and my ability to concentrate and be fully present in the moment came more easily. The notes on the pages stayed crisp and clear. My depression has become less and my ability to move through it has accelerated.
Having just completed the second series, it’s taken me to a whole new level in an amazingly positive way. I’m feeling better and better. My metabolism has been boosted and so far, I’ve lost 15 pounds without the sweat and agony it usually takes. I’ve also made significant changes to my eating habits. Before, I tended to have regular bouts with cystic acne. Now, it’s greatly reduced and my skin looks great. I was surprised to experience some deep emotional responses doing cranials. The emotional aspect has become an important part of my healing. I’ve been able to be honest with myself about where I was, where I am and where I am going.
For the first time in a long time I know I’m moving forward in the right direction and I never want it to be the way it was before.
In the past, I would try different strategies or plans to be healthier and I would find myself saying, “This time it will be different.” Somehow, it never was. I would have limited success and then be back where I started. Now, I realize truly becoming healthy is not an unattainable ideal or a remote possibility, it IS becoming reality.

Before, being healthy was the missing piece in fully realizing my personal and professional potential and my health held me back. Now, I continue to embrace the process, hard work and pain to grow and become the person I am meant to be in every area of my life. I am grateful to God, my husband, family and especially Dr. Fields. How refreshing it is to work with someone who is passionate about helping people heal and preventing injury and illness before it happens!

I am getting my life back, and getting me back but it is a better life and a better me.

by Holly Lasky

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  • Gary Lester says:

    Dear Holly,
    Praying for you my dear friend.
    Keep walking and the benefits will continue and recovery will accelerate.
    Consider adding walnuts, salmon and spinach to your diet because these foods help support a healthy body and brain.
    Holly call me anytime if you need or a helping hand or just want to talk.
    Gary Lester