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058Wheatgrass flat at camera

Juicing wheatgrass is a part of my family’s daily routine.  The energy I get from wheatgrass and the appetite suppression are quite profound.  I was first introduced to this superfood by my mom bringing me to the Optimum Health Institute, in San Diego, where many go with health challenges and are given a diet of over 4 ounces per day of the chlorophyll-rich liquid sunshine.  Here are a few of the benefits we compiled for you.

     1.Gluten free- Left to grow, wheatgrass forms a grain where the gluten is located.

  1. A friend of the colon- A Scandinavian study showed WG effective for ulcerative colitis!
  1. Reduces appetite- Due to its nutrient density, wheatgrass helps with food cravings.
  1. Great for muscle building- Has 19 amino acids and all 8 essential amino acids.
  1. Abundant source of minerals- Wheatgrass extracts minerals from organic soil and delivers them you your body.
  1. Gives you energy- Mental and physical energy is increased with fresh wheatgrass juice.
  1. Increased oxygenation- Wheatgrass juice allows your body to increase red blood cell production increasing the oxygen carrying capacity of your blood.
  1. A beauty secret- Superoxide dismutase in wheatgrass decreases the effects of the oxidative stress of the sun.
  1. Blood pressureThe high magnesium in wheatgrass helps increase vascular flexibility.
  1. Inhibits cancer causing substances- University of Texas showed WG helped inhibit the mutagenic effects of some carcinogens.
  1. Decreases the negative effects of chemotherapy- Research shows wheatgrass decreases blood toxicity during chemotherapy in breast cancer patients.
  2. Helps with weight loss- In the Journal of Phytotherapy wheatgrass was shown to inhibit fat cells in rats.
  1. Lowers cholesterol- A study in 1985 in Japan rats fed high cholesterol diets lowered their cholesterol with barley grass juice (almost identical to wheatgrass juice).
  1. Detoxification- High in enzymes that help break down unwanted toxins in your body.
  1. Help for constipation- Add wheatgrass, yams and beets and get regular.
  2. Great for the skin- For acne or eczema, give yourself a wheatgrass facial.
  1. Helps alkalize your body- Limit bone loss with wheatgrass sunlight and exercise.
  1. Cancer prevention- Grasses can help repair DNA and, thus, may help prevent cell mutation and cancer.
  1. Helps manage blood sugar- Animal studies show that wheatgrass can increase insulin’s efficiency processing glucose.
  1. Has hidden benefits- Try experimenting.  We have seen benefits in our office with using wheatgrass nasally, topically, optically and used as a colonic.  Science has not studied all the benefits yet.