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Under the tutelage of hair researcher, Rob English, I have seen a significant change in my hair thickness without the use of drugs, topicals, vitamins or any chemicals. Find out here how I did it and look at my podcasts with Rob English for more information.

I was playing Lava Monster the other day with my twin daughters and something happened… My daughter looked at the top of my head and she says, “Daddy, there’s a big circle on top of your head.” And I’m like, “What?!” I’ve got a yarmulka of bald head on me. I had chickenpox at 20 years old and scratched my head like crazy. So, I have a ton of chickenpox scars underneath my hair on my scalp and I don’t want to lose my hair because my scalp is going to look pocked out. I started to research and I had a friend that had actually started to regrow his hair. It took about 14 months for him and he was almost completely bald. His secret? He was just massaging his head every day. I brought him on my podcast (check out the recording here) and asked him to share his incredible hair growth journey. Rob English is a researcher, medical editor and the founder of Perfect Hair Health where he focuses on evidence-based options for slowing, stopping and even reversing hair loss.

I started doing this on myself. The massages include using your fingers to push together and feel adhesions on your scalp where’s it’s tight and pull on them and work them. Rob says, even going below it, will help the blood flow to that area.

But then my hands started to get sore, and I’m wondering if I can keep this up 10, 15 minutes a day, because I’m in the office working on people with these hands like crazy. So I got this Scalp Massager on Amazon and began doing the same massages using the scalp massager:

Scalp Massager, Portable Hand Held SPA Head Massager

While I’m driving, in line at the bank, sitting in my office. And just rubbing, working it, stimulating it, feeling aliveness on the top of my head. In fact, there’s a study out of Japan where they just massaged with a little massager on one side of the hair and they found more hair on that side than the other side. 

Then I got into micro-needling, which is putting tiny holes all over the scalp. It’s like aerating your scalp. Rob recommended a pen and recommends 1.5 millimeters. Click here to view the pen I used. I’ve been doing it about once every two weeks. You can do about 12 – 16 needles per section or you can do more. It takes a good 10 minutes every week or two.

Dr Pen M8 Microneedling Pen, Dr.Pen Electric Wireless Derma Pen

Next, I started using the Power Plate Pulse Mini and just stimulating the blood flow and massaging my head. 

Power Plate Mini+ Massage Gun

Here’s the before and after:

So I’m going to keep you all posted on my hair growth journey on my Youtube Channel and Instagram @DradamFields. Self-care is high-quality, hands-on healthcare. Get your hands on your head, and let’s see if you can grow some hair. Check out that podcast and educate yourself before you cry about your hair.