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You probably know that one of my greatest missions in life is getting your nose open and keeping it open. I use balloons, I have people get ozone therapy in their nose, I’m working on the mucosa, getting rid of inflammation inside the nasal passages, getting rid of scar tissue, adhesions, etc. But one of the greatest benefits is the increase in nitric oxide. Nitric oxide is a chemical that’s released when you breathe through your nose and you can’t get it when you breathe through your mouth. Nitric oxide or nose breathing, is good for blood pressure because your blood vessels become more pliable. It’s great for inflammation. It’s even great for cognitive function, allowing more blood to go up to the brain. And think about this one, all of the erectile dysfunction drugs are basically to help nitric oxide help the expansion of the blood vessels down in the private area and help guys perform better.

Nitric oxide also improves heart function, blood pressure, and immunity. It can even provide relief for anxiety. Anxiety often is not enough oxygen in an area, right? A lot of people with anxiety come in, their ribs are tight, they’re not breathing, they’re not getting air. Well, think about the blood vessels not expanding and not giving that oxygen to different parts of the body. The heart’s gonna go faster, the breath rate’s gonna go up. So we want to breathe through our noses. We can breathe really fast and a ton through our mouths, but not get the actual oxygen levels up that we can breathing through our noses.

So you’re wondering, how do I get to breathe through my nose? Besides coming and seeing me, it’s great to start with my sleep apnea videos and then also try some mouth tape, or if you have a beard, you can use chin straps. And you can put them on and you can get yourself driving that system. If you don’t use it, you lose it. If you don’t use your nose, it will start to collapse and get gunky in there and shut down. So we want to drive the system if that’s too much and you don’t want to sleep with mouth tape, what you can do is take an hour long walk and just tape your mouth for an hour during the day. If you can go for an hour during the day, chances are you can go at night.


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There’s your, your pitch for nose breathing, please. Your mouth is for talking and for chewing food. Your nose is for breathing. Keep it up and use that nose!